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Watch Veronica share her miraculous Stem Cell Therapy results!

From our patients


Anita E.

"I have been dealing with the pain of spinal stenosis, back pain with sciatica down my left leg and into my foot, as well as numbness in both feet. I received stem cell therapy at Regenerative Health 360 about a month ago, and already the intensity of my pain has decreased. Mobility has increased in my lower extremities. I feel that I'm on the road to recovery and relief from debilitating back and leg pain. It also helps that the staff at Regenerative Health provide an upbeat atmosphere during therapy." -Anita E.


Dr. Earl Hutchins, M.D.

"I have had shoulder problems for years now. As a medical physician, I exhausted all other options before deciding to try stem cell therapy as a last desperate attempt to feel better. I am beyond excited to tell you that my shoulder has improved 99% in only two months!" -Dr. Earl Hutchins 


Robert B.

"Before coming to Regenerative Health 360 for stem cell therapy, I had pain in my feet--worse in the left one. Now both feet are getting better. I can stand longer on my feet while I work for long periods of time as a handyman. The shooting pains I used to get all the time, I rarely get anymore just a few weeks after I received stem cells at Regenerative. I have also lost 10 pounds without changing my diet or lifestyle." -Robert B.